Artisan Digital Classical Ranks
These are a small sampling of the Classical Ranks available for the Artisan Sound Engine.
All Artisan Ranks are sampled one note at a time from each and every individual pipe in a rank. At no time do we stretch a sample across several notes. This preserves the most beauty of the original rank and makes for the best possible organ ensemble. Our complete classical library is far too extensive to put on the web but there is a representative list found below the samples. We have complete organs sampled by both romantic and baroque builders. To hear each demo simply click on the play arrow on each one.  It will take a small amount of time for each sample to load and play.

To play these samples, you need Quicktime installed.  Click Here to get Quicktime for your computer

PRINCIPAL CHORUS             PRINCIPALS                          FLUTES                          STRINGS          .

            REEDS                         BAROQUE                     ROMANTIC                 CHORAL PRELUDE       .
                                                ENSEMBLE                    ENSEMBLE                  MEDIUM TO FULL      .
                                                                                                                   Including State Trumpet

A Representative List

Digital Classical Ranks


Principals 32,16,8,4,2,1
 +Mutations  2-2/3,1-1/3, 1-3/5
Montre 32,16,8,4
Grand Montre 32,16
Octave 4
Prestant 4,2
Fifteenth 2
Doublette 2
Open Diapason 8,4
Geigen Diapason 8
Gemshorn and Celeste 8


Contre Bourdon 32,16
Subbass 32,16,8
Bourdon 8,4,2
Hohlflute 8,4
Rohrflute 8,4
Quintaton 16,8,4
Harmonic Flute 8,4
Waldflote 4
Blockflote 2
Koppelflote 8,4
Nasard 2-2/3
Tierce 1-3/5
Sifflote 1


Contre Bombarde 32,16
Contre Posaune 32,16
Contre Dulzian 32,16
Bason 16,8
Trompette 16,8,4
English Trumpet 16,8,4
Bombarde 8,4
Trompette Harmonique 8
Trompette En Chamade 8
Spanish trompeta 8
Musette 8
Chalumeau 8
Clarinet 16,8
Voix Humaine 8
Krumhorne 16,8
Cromorn 8
Dulzian 8,4
Rohr Schalmei 8,4
French Horn 8
Cor Anglais 8
Hautbois 8
Musette 8,4


Fourniture III
Fourniture IV
Plein Jeu IV
Scharf IV
Cymbel III
Cornet II
Sesquialtera II
Grand Cornet VII


Contre Violone 32,16,8
Viola Pomposa and Celeste 16, 8
Salicionale and Celeste 16, 8
Dulciana and Unda Maris 8, 4
Dolcan and Celeste 8, 4
Erzahler and Celeste 8
Gamba and Celeste 8, 4