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The easiest to use MIDI Sequencer built today!

Made in the USA

Artisan Instruments is proud to introduce our new user-friendly MIDI Sequencer.  Simple to Operate – Universally MIDI Compliant.  Can be used with the Artisan Control System or as a stand-alone sequencer with ANY MIDI device.

Creates standard format 0 MIDI files which are readable and editable on

Mac, PC, Linux, or Unix systems

Price:  $ 395.00 + shipping

Includes Artisan USB Memory stick and power supply

Download Complete Sequencer Instructions.pdf


With this easy to use kit you can turn any organ console with key contacts and pedal contracts into a MIDI console to run the Artisan Sound Engine, Hauptwerk, J-Organ, MIDItzer, My Organ, GigaSampler, or any other digital device or MIDI sound module.

For a 2-Manual Organ

Includes the following hardware:

        1  µMIDI Control Board w/4 MIDI Outputs

        3  Input Boards, 64 inputs each

        1  5V Switching Power Supply

        1  Group, Interconnecting Cables

        1  Cakewalk MIDI Interface Cable

        3  Fanning Strips w/hardware

            CD Instruction Manual

                                Price: See Pricing Guide Page

For a 3-Manual Organ


        1  Input Board, 64 inputs each

        1  Fanning Strip w/hardware

        1  Interconnecting Cable

                                Price: See Pricing Guide Page

General Features:

        Made in the U.S.A.                                Up to 4 analog inputs

        No soldering required                            Easy to follow instructions

        Modular, and easily assembled            Easily programmed for any MIDI configuration desired

        Can drive up to 4 MIDI devices            Live technical support just a phone call away



The Artisan input board accepts up to 64 inputs and may be daisy chained up to 4 boards on one port or uMIDI Module.  It is used for the contact connects of keyboards, pedal boards, stops, pistons, swell rollers, crescendo rollers, etc.  A serial input board can be configured for either positive or negative common by simply changing the position of the jumper on the board.  The positive common configuration accepts 3 to 30 volts, while the negative common accepts negative 25 volts to positive 5 volts.  The HV64 input board is used in common with all Artisan Control Systems.

Component Size = 8 1/2” x 2 1/2”

Price:  See Pricing Guide Page

Micro MIDI Controller Board

Micro-MIDI Controller Board and Micro-MIDI Splitter Board

The essence of the Micro-MIDI Control System centers on a single board.  It is simplicity itself, containing relatively few components in order to carry out its functions.

All standard Micro-MIDI Boards now contain highly expanded memory.  It consists of a board with (2) DIN connectors for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT, plus an RJ-11 connector for interfacing to other Artisan hardware.  In addition there are screw terminals provided for 5 volt power in as well as reading the inputs from up to 4 analog potentiometers.  The processor used has many software resources to carry out the operations required by the system.  The main feature of this board is that it is placed at various places in an overall modular system to route a variety of signal paths.  A companion board to the Micro-MIDI Board is a board that is identical in all respects, except that it has (4) MIDI OUT connectors and less memory.  This board is used as a MIDI Splitter.  That is, the output can be distributed to four different paths to provide MIDI data for other MIDI IN devices.  A typical example would be to place it at the final output of the control system to drive not only the Artisan Sound Engine, but possibly other sound producing devices or to interface to a MIDI sequencer.  The following are the normal uses:

1.  A single Micro-MIDI Controller can accept input from up to 4 serial input boards in a daisy chain.

2.  A single Micro-MIDI Controller can drive outputs to 1 driver board or HD32 driver board or 1 Offset 16 Note driver board.

3.  A single Micro-MIDI Controller can drive 1 Liquid Crystal Display.

4.  A single Micro-MIDI Controller can operate to control a transposers, couplers, or sostenuto, or provide output relay functions for external MIDI devices.

The Micro-MIDI Controller board is used only with the Artisan Micro-MIDI Control System.

Controller Component Size = 3 1/2” x 3”  Price: See Pricing Guide Page

Splitter Component Size = 4” x 4”   Price: See Pricing Guide Page

Here is a normal setup of Micro-MIDI Controllers with their power supply.  Note the MIDI cables providing a pathway for the data flow within the system.  Each Micro-MIDI Controller in this system has a specific purpose for input or output.

Output Driver Board

Positive Common Driver Boards

Like the present driver board, the application can be for magnet drivers either on rank chests, or for a combination action.  They can also be used to drive console lamps or LED indicators.

These new output driver boards have a lever action connector that grips a wire when the lever action is released.

In addition, the boards have been reduced in size, due primarily to connectors that have a 2.54mm pitch (0.1") from point to point, rather than the 5.08mm (0.2") pitch of the current driver board.

The boards can be obtained for Rank Driver Boards with the number of outputs based on rank lengths of 49, 61, 73, 85, and 96.  For Combination Actions driving SAMs, the outputs can be obtained with 60, 72, or 84 outputs.

Component Size = 8-1/2" x 2-1/2"

Price varies according to the number of outputs - See Pricing Guide Page

The Output Driver Board is also available in a Negative Common version with 64 outputs and traditional screw terminals.

HD32 AND HD64 Output Driver BoardS

The Artisan HD32 or HD64 driver boards may be used to provide output for such things as chest magnets, console stop magnets, chimes actions, etc., where higher power output is required.  It is configured with either 32 or 64 outputs.  Convenient screw terminals provide ease of installation with no soldering required.  This board expects a positive common.  The HD32 and HD64 output driver boards are used in common with all Artisan Control Systems.
Component Size = 8 1/2” x 2 1/4”

Price:  See Pricing Guide Page

Lighted STOP Input and Driver Board

These boards control Lighted Stops and Draw Knobs.  They come configured as 8 Input/Light Driver and 32 Input/Light Driver versions.  On some occasions it is desired to use Lighted Thumb Pistons as voice stops for an organ.  These Boards are usually placed remotely from the Lighted Thumb Pistons, Draw Knobs, or Stops themselves.  Each board can control up to 8 or 32 lighted pistons or lighted stops.  The boards may be daisy chained up to 64 Inputs on one uMIDI Controller.  The Lighted Stop Module Boards are used only with the Artisan Micro-MIDI Control System.
Component Size = 5” x 1 3/4”

Price:  See Pricing Guide Page

Micro MIDI Extender Boards

Micro-MIDI Extender Board Set

Many times it is desirable to utilize MIDI -based hardware such as the Micro-MIDI Control System in an organ console as a control system for either a pipe organ, or for a digital organ.  In the case of the pipe organ it is generally the case that the console and chamber are separated by a considerable distance.  Similarly, it might be desirable to situate a MIDI driven Sound Engine and Audio System remote from the organ console for better audio dispersion.

The MIDI Extender consists of a pair of boards whose purpose it is to extend MIDI data from a console to a location that is beyond what a MIDI cable would allow.

In the console, the MIDI data is converted to RS-422 Data by the first MIDI Extender Board, and a CAT-5 cable is then connected to traverse the distance required from console to chamber.  At the chamber end a second MIDI Extender Board is used to convert the RS-422 Data back to MIDI Data so as to continue MIDI control over the remaining portion of the Micro-MIDI Control System.

Price per pair: See Pricing Guide Page


This small Board is used to bring MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT to the front of the console for connection to MIDI Sequencers, Computers, or other external MIDI devices.  Can be supplied with an appropriate name-plate for MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT.

Component Size = 2 3/4” x 2 1/4”

Price: See Pricing Guide Page


Includes Control Board, 3 LED Indicator Lamps (Red, Green, Amber) and USB Cable.  Used as a Light Indicator for the Artisan Sound Engine.  These lights can indicate a variety of functions, such as Sound Engine power, Sound Engine ready-to-play, SFZ-On, or Crescendo-On.  The exact function of these Indicators is defined within the Artisan Sound Engine.

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

5 Volt Regulated Power Supply

The small 5 Volt regulated power supply provides the correct power for the Artisan system boards and is used in common with all Artisan Control Systems.  A trim pot is provided to match exact output power required.

The screw terminals are marked L, N, G, +V, and -V

L = 115 volt AC hot line in

N = 115 volt NEUTRAL line in

G = Earth Ground

+V = 5 volt DC positive

-V = 5 volt DC negative

Produces 5 volts @ 5 amps

Component Size = 3 1/2” x 2” x 1 1/8”

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

12 Volt Regulated Power Supply

The small 12 Volt regulated power supply provides the correct power for the Artisan system boards and is used in common with all Artisan Control Systems.  A trim pot is provided to match exact output power required.

The screw terminals are marked L, N, G, +V, and -V

L = 115 volt AC hot line in

N = 115 volt NEUTRAL line in

G = Earth Ground

+V = 12 volt DC positive

-V = 12 volt DC negative

Produces 12 volts @ 2.1 amps

Component Size = 3 1/2” x 2” x 1 1/8”

Price:  See Pricing Guide Page

High Current 12 Volt Regulated Power Supplies

Power supplies required for driving stop action magnets or pipe organ chest magnets are available with several different current outputs.  The two shown here are rated at 55 Amps and 75 Amps respectively.  Other similar supplies are available, starting at 15 Amps, and ranging upward to 90 Amps.

55 amp Component Size = 10” x 6 1/2” x 3 1/2”

75 amp Component Size = 14” x 6 1/2” x 3 1/2”

Price: 55 amp = See Pricing Guide Page

75 amp = See Pricing Guide Page

Micro MIDI Liquid Crystal Display

This LCD unit may be driven by the Micro-MIDI Controller board to present a visual display of such things within the system as Memory Level, Crescendo Position, Expression Level, MIDI Program Change, MIDI Bank Number, etc.  The LCD is used only with the Artisan Micro-MIDI Control System.  Note - the picture below shows the LCD unit mounted in a panel and ready for installation in a console.  The wood panel and associated pots are not included with the LCD.

Component Size = 5 1/8” x 2 1/2”

Actual Screen Size = 4 1/2” x 1 1/2”

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

For Any Questions Regarding Hardware Usage

Please call Artisan Instruments, Inc.

or Artisan Technical Support


The Cakewalk USB-to-MIDI Interface is the ONLY interface cable used with the Artisan Micro-MIDI System to download and upload programming.  Other USB MIDI interfaces on the market generally do not produce a clean enough data signal for programming the Micro-MIDI Modules.  Other interfaces may be used to pass the standard MIDI signal, but this is the ONLY interface approved by Artisan to use when programming or loading and saving registrations.

Price: See Pricing Guide Page

Integrated MIDI Organ Controller

This is pretty much everything you need for your virtual pipe organ. Keyboard input may come from individual HV64 input boards for raw pipe organ keyboards, Fatar multiplex keyboards with the Artisan encoder board, or existing MIDI keyboards. The choice is yours. (NOTE: all keyboard hardware is additional.)

Add a power supply and lighted stop control of your choice and you are ready to control the digital organ samples of your choice. Of course we would appreciate that choice to be the Artisan Sound Engine with our own library of highest quality digital samples for classical or theater organs.

Price: See Pricing Guide Page


Artisan is proud to present 2 DVDs and a CD to give you an idea of our sounds and ensembles.  Our first DVD is a sample of our digital ranks and includes both Theater Organ and Classical Organ examples from the recently completed 3 manual 58 rank custom organ.

Our second DVD features Theater organ stylings on the 2 manual 12 rank Theater organ rebuild of a Baldwin Cinema II.

The Demo CD “Another Opening” was made on a 3 Manual Theater Organ

Order Yours Today by calling Artisan

or email us:

Price $10.00 per DVD  The Demo CD is available for the asking.